The Model 68v came about after working with a player who had specific requirements for a pickup. The idea was to build a pickup that shows the true sonic qualities of a great guitar, to let the inherent tone in the wood be the real voice in the signal chain.  

These pickups were designed with the principle that you can't put back what isn't there to start with. The words "sonic content" were persistently on my mind when making this model. 

It's somewhat rare that I get asked to make a set of pickups that goes against what we've all been told about pickups over the years. When the player first made contact with me, I was excited we were on the same page when it comes to what we want from a PAF style pickup. 

Take a 1 in 100 Les Paul and let it speak. 

These pickups had a target in the 6k range. To make a pickup in the 6's there's no way to hide poor material selection or winding patterns. Every part of the build will come through. You can often make up for a guitar's shortcomings with a good set of pickups, but that's not what these were about. 

The clarity is there, the bite and snap is there. Full range on the tone knob, it's there. A great piece of wood, great pedals and a great amplifier, these pickups will let those parts of your chain really show themselves. There's nowhere to hide with this set. Every bit of your playing, and the guitar is on full display.

Over the years, what people expect from a Les Paul has drifted away from what was originally intended, this set gets back to that, what I believe they originally had in mind from the PAF humbucker.

Getting away from conventional thinking on pickup design and what we've all been sold on over the years, has lead to something that I'm quite proud of, the results speak for themselves. 

If you lack confidence in your playing or your tone, these aren't for you. If you can't find that one last part of the puzzle, here it is.

This custom set needed to be added to the model lineup. Only available as a set, as I really don't think there's anything else available I would pair with one.