LR-Pro, 1x2" cab and the SM12-H speaker. Suhr Strat Type

Aeronaut Amplifier, Long Clip, multiple guitars.

Aeronaut Amplifier, R7, Mo 22.

Aeronaut with the SA8 Humbucker.

Aeronaut, Gold Top

Aeronaut, SG Classic, 9077's

Model 79 and the LR-Pro

A clip of the Model 79 Humbuckers into the LR-Pro. Recorded in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Will Hansen on the Les Paul. We asked Will to just mess around with the amp and the guitar and whatever came out was fine by us.

Lead &Rhythm Professional Amplifier.

A quick clip from Kris Richards, running a few different guitars into the LR-Pro and our 1X12" cab. The Speaker is a something we've been working on, more on that later.

Model 68v Audio Clips

2013 Les Paul Traditional.

2013 Les Paul Traditional.

Eric Van Tassel of J Rockett Audio Designs with his Les Paul Traditional using the Model 68v set.


These clips were recorded with A Sennheiser E906. The Les Paul Traditional going into a Mark Sampson designed Star Super Nova 15r.

The speaker is a 1977 Celestion Blackback G12M 30.

Eric's playing really highlights the dynamics of this set. 

Model 9022 Video From the Doug And Pat Show.

Video Demo of P90 models Special Lead and 5225.

Model 1812 Humbuckers. Neck and Bridge.

A Customer's clip of the 68V with a brown deluxe

Sanford Magnetics Electric Guitar Pickups. Model 9077 P90. Gibson Les Paul Junior. Dr Z Maz Sr NR, Avatar 4x12" Celestion Vintage 30's, Bogner Blue OD, Sm 57 mics. 

A couple clips of the SA8.