If you've been wondering what I've been doing lately, or maybe you haven't, I've been working at setting up a workshop/guitar store. Yes, it's crazy to be opening a bricks and mortar store these days, but I needed a place to grow this thing.

Starting on June 1st, I'll have a workshop to build my pickups, a Guitar and Amp repair facility and stock some accessories too. We've got some cool stuff planned for the future, so keep on eye out for other Sanford Magnetics products.

I've got some great guys working with me. Excited about what we'll be coming out with in the future. Still a lot to do in a week, but it's shaping up nicely.

If I've been a little slow to get back to folks these past couple weeks, sorry about that. I'll post some pics of the shop once the sign guy is finished and the shop is complete.

Thanks to everyone who's helped me get this off the ground.

A link to the website Sanford Musical Instruments