P90 Single Coil Pickups

Dog Ear And Soap Bar Single Coils.

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The 5225 uses a combination of Alnico 5 and Alnico 2 magnets. A lower output set. A 5225 in the neck position pairs well with any bridge model. This one has a refinement about it. Excels at clean and breakup tones. The combination of magnets average each other out in such a nice way. 

$109 CAD


No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones. If you get the reference, then you know what this P90 is going for. Available as a calibrated set, Soap Bar or Dog Ear. If you've ever heard of a P90 being described as Hi-Fi or refined, this model is the opposite. This pickup is the most P90 that can be squeezed out of a P90. Raw, savagery, wooly, woody, bite, lots of cut. It's what I keep in my Junior.

$109 CAD


The Alnico 2 version of the 9077. This model captures the raw P90 sound, but with an Alnico 2 magnet for that warmer, classic P90 flavour. Little more subtle in the top end, and a little rounder in the lows.

$109 CAD


Humbucker sized P90. The AB is shorthand for abomination. Not a true P90, but close enough for Rock "n" Roll.  A5 magnets, 43 Plain enamel wire, nickel covers, nickel silver baseplates. Similar DCR values to a standard P90. Fits in a standard hum bucker route. They sound great, about as close to a real P90 that I can make in a bucker size.

139 CAD

All P90's are made with Alnico Magnets, Plain Enamel Wire and Nickel/Silver Baseplates. 5-40 Fillister Head Pole Screws. Vintage Style Braided Shield hookup wire.