Humbucker Pickups

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Model 44

Classic PAF tones. Medium output. A4, slight coil offset. This model has a woody, dry tone to it. Very much the classic PAF sound.  Very even response that doesn't favour the lows or the highs. Great balance across the EQ, lots of clarity and dynamics. A pickup that loves a player that puts their Volume & Tone Controls to use. 

$139 CAD

Model 68v

The Mo. 68v came about about after a discussion with a player that believed that some of the best sounding original PAF's were very low output. Before the days of the auto-stop, the workers would just let them wind until the coils looked full. This is the reason why the original PAF's are all over the place and not all of them sound good. This model had a specific intention behind it. Allow the guitar's voice to come through.

The target DCR was 6.8k on the bridge. After hearing the results and the feedback from the player, this is now a standard model in the lineup. 

This model is only available as a calibrated set. 

$278 CAD per set.


Model 55

PAF style Humbucker, vintage voiced, but what might be called a modern PAF style build, A hotter wind, but still in PAF territory for output. Alnico 5 and evenly wound coils. . The top end inherant in an A5 magnet allows for more turns for more output without losing clarity. 

$139 CAD

The Model 22 is an A2 based design. A medium output PAF style Humbucker. The A2 magnet has a warmth to it with a more subtle top end. Very much a traditional PAF. 

When we think of the 50's Les Paul sound, this is it.


Super A8

The hottest wind in the line-up, using A8 magnets. Great for pushing the front end of your amplifier into clipping. A classic tone from the 70's.  This model is aimed at a player that wants to use a hotter pickup, but without having to put up with the cardboard box sound you get with severely overwound coils or 43/44 gauge wire. 

$139 CAD

Model 24

The Model 24 is a slightly overwound Humbucker with Rough Cast Alnico 5 magnets. The RCAV magnets soften the highs just enough. The mid range is thick and the lows don't get in the way. Remarkably clear sounding for a pickup this thick sounding. Rock'n'Roll numerologists will know how the Mo. 24 got it's name.

$139 CAD

Model SM-65

The Sanford Magnetics Short Magnet 65 is a mid 7k Humbucker using short Alnico 5 magnets. Great fit for an SG or ES 335. Surprisingly smooth for an A5 pickup, but still has clarity, cut and works so well with an amplifier set to break up. 

$139 CAD

Humbuckers are made with Plain Enamel Wire, Butyrate Bobbins, Nickel Silver Baseplates and covers. All materials selected for quality and tone. All Humbuckers are built to PAF measurements, 49.2mm pole spacing and long leg frames.