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Clips are now live.

Clips are now live.

The clips page is now live. Started off with 3 different clips of a few different models, with more to come soon. I intended to have someone else play on the clips, but something came up, I ended up doing it my self. 

Making these things gives you some insight, I'll never say anything bad about anyone's clips ever again. As soon as the camera starts, you can't play anything. There's a difference between playing at home, in front of people...and a camera. Youtube changes the sound and adds video and audio compression, there's a quite a change from what you hear in a room, to what you hear on a monitor, to YouTube, but everyone is dealing with the same is what it is.

I edited the raw footage on my Mac, so I'm sure the transitions look a little rough and there's some weird edits, but they turned out somewhat watchable.

Maybe next time I'll hire some talent to play and edit these things.

There's a Youtube channel for these now. Link->Sanford Magnetics Youtube Channel

The clips were recorded by Ross Cole at Shattered Glass Productions here in Moncton. If you're local and were thinking of doing some recording, look him up.