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Tele Overhaul

Tele Overhaul

I'm not sure if it's just the week I've been having or what, but I've had a couple Tele's lately that ended up with my humbuckers in them.

This one turned out to be the best Tele I've played since the 2nd week of October 2007, yeah, I remember those kinds of things.

This one was nice to start with. A modern American Tele of some series I probably don't keep track of. Ash body, brass saddles, nice see through blond, but just needed a little something else. The customer dropped it off and said do what you would do to a Tele if it were yours.

So, I had some custom pick guards cut, we ended up going with  matte black, single ply 8 hole PG. Swapped the screws with some proper slot heads, added some compensated brass saddles and Flat top knobs. 500k CTS Audio pots and a .022uf PIO cap. Subtle stuff that adds to the Guitar.

I wound a Model 22 to match the factory bridge pickup, right around 7k ohms. The A2 rolls off the top end just enough. The middle position was stellar. I wish this one was mine.