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Dr Z Amps

Wall of Z.

A pic of my current amp setup. I've been a Dr Z user since 2002. Hand wired PtP construction, turret board wiring. Pretty great value for the money if you're looking for made in the USA, hand built amp. 

The Bottom one is a Maz Sr NR Head. I run that into a Z-best 2X12" loaded with a couple 50 Watt Alnicos from Weber VST. A Silver Bell and Blue Dog.

The top head is a 2008 Anniversary RT66. A couple KT66's, an old Mullard EF86 and a GZ34 and Ultra Linear. The RT 66 goes into a Dr Z Airbrake then to Z open back 2x12" with a G12H30 and a Greenback.

Dr Z amps