The Doug And Pat Show Humbucker Shootout 4 is now up on youtube. This time around they put up a few different Pickup builders against Oscar, a well known '58 Gold Top. When I sent them my pickups, I was a little nervous about how they would stack up to a set of great sounding  original PAF's. 

They informed me that mine would be going in a '94 Heritage 150 and they'd directly compare it to not just an ordinary old Les Paul, they'd be doing a/b tests with a guitar that you could call the tone standard. 

After seeing the video, my nerves are a little better. I must say I'm quite pleased how the review turned out. 

There's a feature on my pickups at the start of the video and they do a demo later on, right around the 22:30 mark of the video. They have a set of my Model 22's and the 68v's in this episode.