Update and Wait list

After the injury of 2017, I'm slowly getting back to making pickups, in a limited capacity. 

Rather than charging when an order is placed, there's a wait list you can sign up for and will be invoiced when the pickups are built and ready to be shipped. Rather than being buried in orders I can't complete in a reasonable time frame, this should be manageable and hopefully keep things in order while I continue to recover.

If anyone got overlooked, orders not filled and did not receive their pickups or a refund please contact me ASAP. Obviously 2017 was a bit chaotic.

Thanks for all your support and patience. 

Nathan Sanford

Wait List


Exchange Rates

US and international customers may wish to see what the current exchange rate is before placing an order. Typically your Credit Card company will make the conversion for you and bill you the total in your preferred currency.

Click the link below to get to the online currency converter.

Currency Converter