Update October 10th

Some of you are aware that I suffered an injury earlier this year.

It would appear that the broken arm issue is slowing me down more than I expected. The broken bone is healing, the nerve damage is not and working through it is slowing down the healing process. 

Rather than continue to take new orders, I'm shutting down the order page until I can sort out the wait/chaos. At one point, I could get orders out in a few days, not at this point.

I expect the order process to be back to normal in the new year.

If anyone has emailed me and not got a response..please use the contact form on the site...I usually don't miss an email, but had a few glitches lately.

Obviously, these setbacks are causing orders to not get filled in a normal amount of time. 

I appreciate the patience while I try to sort this out.




Exchange Rates

US and international customers may wish to see what the current exchange rate is before placing an order. Typically your Credit Card company will make the conversion for you and bill you the total in your preferred currency.

Click the link below to get to the online currency converter.

Currency Converter