Pole Spacing

  • P90's use 50mm pole spacing
  • Humbuckers use 49.2 pole spacing


  • P90 Covers are Gibson Spec. The corners radius is the same as factory Gibson P90's. P90 routes vary by manufacturer, some use import covers that are somewhat larger than the modern Gibson routes. You may wish to re-use the covers that you currently have in your guitar. 
  • Cream is hardest colour to match and varies greatly from guitar to guitar. You may wish to re-use the factory P90 covers that came on your guitar to ensure the plastics match. 
  • For humbucker covers I use a small amount of clear silicon on the slug side. This eliminates vibrations and prevents microphonics caused by loose covers. It makes for good protection against squealing without affecting tone of the pickup with heavy potting. 


  • All P90's have the south edge of the magnet inwards towards the screws, north side is facing outwards.
  • All humbuckers are assembled with the screw coil being South and the Slug Side being North.


  • All coils use white for the start lead and black for the finish lead. 
  • I use a braided shield, the outer braid is ground, the inner cloth covered wire is obviously the hot


  • All screws, threads and mounting holes are Standard measurement....not metric. If you you require metric mounting screws or anything of that nature to install the pickups in an import model guitar, you may need to modify the pickups or the guitar to ensure fitment.
  • Pole Pieces are 5-40 Fillister head machine screws. If you want to change the poles at some point, don't use metric screws.
  • I use maple spacers, not plastic.
  • Brass screws are used to mount the bobbins to the baseplate
  • Hookup wire is 22 gauge braided shield
  • Internal lead wire is 28AWG stranded wire.
  • Humbucker bobbins are Butyrate.
  • All Humbucker baseplates are long leg baseplates, be sure to note if your guitar uses long or short mounting legs.  



For any questions about specific measurements, parts information or build methods, please send an email.