Aeronaut Amplifier


This amplifier, rather than learning songs note for note, builds on it’s influences to deliver new tones that pays homage to what came before it.
We wanted to build an amplifier that was easy to dial in, simple and did all the classic EL34 sounds we love. 

The heart of the Aeronaut really starts with the power section. The inspiration for the the power section came from a ’72 Metal Panel 50 water I once owned. The idea that an Amplifier sounds best just before it self destructs holds some truth, we attempted to capture what I observed in that old ’72, (without the self destruct feature). 

The Aeronaut uses a low voltage/high current design, somewhat counter intuitive for an EL34 Amplifier. Combined with a 5AR4 Tube Rectifier, the compression and sustain from the power section is remarkable. Class A/B using Cathode Bias doubles down on this effect, making for an amplifier that can hang a note forever and feels great under the fingers. This amp begs to be “dimed”, at 30 watts, you can run it wide open at a manageable stage volume. 

Stripping down the pre-amp to two 12AX7’s keeps it simple. The gain staging was kept on the clean side of things to create an amplifier that favours power tube breakup. With just the right amount of voltage swing between stages, we think we got the balance just right. The anode driven tone stack mates to a Long Tail Pair Phase Inverter, driving the power section from thick clean sustain to classic El34 breakup. 



$1799 CAD




Volume- The Volume sets the overall volume and breakup of the amplifier. 

Camber- This control shapes the overall eq of the amplifier. Rather than have individual controls over Bass, Mid and Treble, the Camber control moves the entire slope of the tone stack from low to high. Here you’ll find the tone goes from dark, smooth and warm to bright with more cut. 

Tone- The Tone Control governs the high end of the amplifier. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself wanting to set this control full up, it was purposely designed that way. 

Headroom Switch - With the Aeronaut, we went with a three position switch to shape the input signal. Up position for boost, Middle Position for normal and Down for cut. The three positions offer varying degrees of input control, think of “hot”, “classic” or “clean” settings. 


Notable Specs


  • 2 X EL34's. We ship with new Mullard 34's
  • 2 x 12ax7. Ships with JJ 12AX7s.
  • 5ar4 JJ Tube Rectifier.
  • Hardware:

  • 16 Gauge Steel Chassis. Cut, Shaped and Welded here in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada.
  • Hardwired on hand staked and drilled epoxy-glass Turret Boards.
  • 13 ply Baltic Birch Headshells.
  • Purposely Spec'd Iron, the perfect balance between overbuilt and saturation.
  • Carbon Film resistors for low noise, Mustard Style Signal and German Filter Caps.
  • Purple Jewel Light, because they're classy and Purple sounds better.


  • 15 ½" Wide
  • 10 ½" High
  • 8 ½" Deep
  • 30lbs