SM-Slotback 1x12" cab

$699 CAD w/ SM12-H

$499 CAD Unloaded.

The Slotback 1x12" cab is our compact single 12" cab. The rear opening on the back panel is frequency tuned. Using 13 Ply void free baltic birch, this cabinet thumps like no other 1X12" we've heard.

Loaded with our own custom speaker, the SM12-H, this cab fills the stage and the room. With just enough air movement from the rear port, this cab isn't boxy like a conventional closed back and tighter than a traditional open back.


The cabinet comes with two speaker jacks to parallel into a 2nd cab. No more messy splitters or Y cables, just plug the 2nd cab into the 1st and use the 8ohm output from the amp.


16 Ohms

20" Wide

17" High

11 ½" Deep