As some of you may know, I've been very behind on getting orders out the door. So, please email before placing an order to see how long of a wait it will be. I'll be starting a wait list if you'd like to be on it, rather than ordering and waiting.

From shipping issues, staff shortages and some health problems  (that I think I have sorted out), I've dug a pretty big hole for getting these built and out the door., time to refocus, regroup and re-organize.

I'm expecting it will take me a month of long days and weekends to get caught up...or at least, I hope that's all it takes.

To everyone who has been waiting, sorry about the delay, thanks for understanding. There's really no excuse I can make for not getting things done in a timely fashion.



As always, I'm usually available, rarely miss an email and can be reached by text or phone.